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It is at the brink of extinction due to incessant humaninterventions in the natural forest environment, and has been included under the endangered category in the Red Data Book of the Botanical Survey of India. It is related to the better known Rafflesia. The flowers of Himalayana sapria are 20 cm across, unisexual, bright red in colour covered with sulphur-yellow spots. They appear above the ground and have a putrid odour. 

They need that little extra care, these flowers are perfect for summer. If given proper care, they bloom all season long. 

The musk rose grows throughout India. This plant clusters at the end of its branches producing gorgeous and fragrant white flowers. The musk rose starts to bloom in May. Dark rose hips, ranging from purple-brown to dark red.

Bicolor Alyce Clover is an erect or diffuse herb, 50-100 cm tall. Stem is slender and weak, with trailing, hairy branches. Leaves are pale-green, hairy, narrow, linear, 3-6 cm long, pointed, with a rounded base. Beautiful flowers are 8 mm across, with a yellow standard petal, red wings and dark-pink.

Rambling shrub or small tree with branched pinnate, silky leaves and powder-puff-like balls of conspicuous dark crimson stamens. Calliandra haematocephala is a fast growing shrub that can grow tall but also spreads wide.

Calico flower is a tender evergreen vine with very unusual flowers. Leaves are beautiful, bright green heart shaped. These are about 3 in long by 2 in wide and grow closely together to create a dense mass of foliage. 

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