Amazing Sea Creatures

1. Bioluminescent Octopus

This Stauroteuthis syrtensis octopus was found about a half mile deep in the Gulf of Maine. These creatures have developed the ability to create their own light and this technique is known as bioluminescence.

2.Pink See-Through Fantasia

Pink see-through fantasia is a sea cucumber, found about a mile and a half deep in the Celebes Sea in the western Pacific (east of Borneo).

3.Golden Lace Nudibranch

Thses are known for their bright colors,looks like a snail without a shell,. This golden lace nudibranch, was collected in the waters of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

4. Red Lipped Batfish

Red lipped batfish, also known as Galapagos batfish .One reason of existence for these strange sea creatures is evolution.They are not good swimmers, so they walk on the ocean floor. These creatures feed on small fish, shrimps, and mollusks. They are found in depths of 3 to 76 meters in the oceans of the Galapagos Islands.

5.Blue Glaucus

Blue glaucus is another gorgeous creature found in the deep sea. These are sea slugs and found in temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world. It usually beautiful and colorful organisms indicate that they have stored toxins inside them, use for their own protection.

6. Flamingo Tongue Snail

Flamingo tongue snail. Its color comes from the soft parts of its body, which envelope its shell unless it's threatened.

7. Armored Snail

This was found over a hydrothermal vent deep in the Indian Ocean. The multilayered structure of the shell is called "unlike any other known natural or synthetic engineered armor."


8. Christmas Tree .

The Christmas Tree is one such beautiful creature found at Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island.These spiral "branches" are actually the worm's breathing and feeding apparatus,the worm lives in a tube kind of thing and it withdraws like a tree when it is under attack or feels threatened.

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