Parenting Tip : Motivating children to do their best

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 Throughout the run up to the exams and when it's necessary to reassure your kid that in spite of what results they receive, that there are choices. It may not be their initial possibility however there's alternative ways in which to induce an equivalent qualification thus remember of selections should they not get their initial choice.

Smart eTeach Telling a Parent Tip for Motivate Children to do their Best.

1.Know your child’s entire exam schedule. 

Pin a copy of the examination timetable on the kitchen notice board. You should also note the date and time of each paper. Make sure you are at all times aware when your son or daughter has to be in the examination centre.

2.Fix a time table

Making a proper time-table is a significant part of one's preparations for the boards. For each subject, a separate notebook should be maintained with the following chart:

  1. Subjects to study per day
  2. Topics to cover per day
  3. Important topics
  4. Deadline to complete each topic

3.Motivate them to compete with their own self

Never ever compare your child's preparation with your friend's children's. Compelling to compete with another child will only put unnecessary pressure on them and confuse them all the more. 

4.Help them to focus on the next day’s papers. 

It can be helpful to review the next paper. Simple questions, such as  What is up next?. Are there any compulsory sections?, Are there any predictable questions? and so on, can be useful in helping students devise their study schedule for the time available before the next exam.     
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5.Help them to maintain a balanced daily routine.    

You should ensure your child maintains a proper balance between study and rest. After an exam, they need time to rest and recharge before they can do any beneficial study for the next paper. Remember that this is on average a two-week process and they need to be as sharp on the morning of their final paper as they are tomorrow. 
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 6.Boost up their morale 

Motivate and boost up their morale all the time. In case of mistakes or doubts during revising, ask them to re-read the chapter carefully and understand the concept rather than getting furious at them.

7.A good nights sleep always improves examination performance.

All study should end at least an hour before bed to allow the student to unwind. Falling straight into bed from the study desk means the student’s mind will be buzzing for hours as he or she attempts to fall asleep.


8.Cook something good

What you eat and drink affects your performance in any field of activity, especially one involving mental sharpness. As a parent, you should try to ensure that your child eats and drinks nutritious food during the coming weeks. Grazing on junk food is very tempting at times of increased stress. Avoid this. 


9.Make sure your child continues to mix with friends and family.

Dont isolate them in the study room upstairs. Contact with their peers is very important to maintaining their spirits during the coming weeks. You can also support them and lift their spirits when they are taking a break from their studies. 
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10. Dont overhype the importance of any examination.

Make it clear to your kids that your love and regard for them is in no way dependent on how they perform in the Junior or Leaving Certificates. This affirmation is the best gift you can give them on the eve of their exams.


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